2013 Nissan Leaf (all electric)

Posted by Julie Hildebrand Cwir (1 item)

Tired of the increasing gas prices? Want to pay a fraction of fuel costs?

Our Certified 2013 Nissan Leaf could be the perfect fit for you and your family for zipping around the city and making trips close to Brandon.

We're not sure how long this vehicle will last at this price as it still has 11 of 12 battery bars remaining and still carries Certified Nissan Warranty/Coverage!

No Oil Changes! Regular maintenance is WAY less: Wiper blades, windshield washer fluid and replacing the cabin filter are the normal maintenance we've had to worry about!

This Nissan Leaf comes with a 6.6kw charging capability along with Level 3 Super Fast Charging. We've put on nearly 40,000kms since we've purchased this vehicle and have yet to run out of power while driving (odometer shows approximately 124,000kms on it presently).

A feature we LOVE in winter is the pre-warming capability, not to mention NEVER having to worry about the car not starting in wintertime! Set your timer for when you want your car to be toasty warm and you're good to go. No waiting for your car heater to warm up! This car also has heated steering wheel, front AND rear seats.

Some additional information below. One common question we get asked when chatting with people while with our car is the type of range we can expect. For summer time, you can expect around 100kms/charge, though this potentially can be more for in-city driving and pending on driving/weather conditions as the car features regenerative breaking.

Please email for any additional information. Only SERIOUS inquiries please. We're open to reasonable offers.

About the 2013 Nissan Leaf

  • Refined aerodynamics and wider range of regenerative braking, including an Eco or "B" mode that increases regen braking during deceleration.

  • New 6.6 kW charger reduces 220V charging time nearly in half.

  • New standard charge port light and lock with a charge port door release button added to key fob.

  • Black interior colour.

  • Increased rear cargo space with 2nd row seat upright.

The Leaf uses an 80 kW synchronous electric motor powered by a 24 kW lithium-ion battery. Estimated charging times are 21 hours on 110-volt and down to close to 2.5-3 hours on 220-volt. With a DC fast charge, 80 per cent of battery strength takes 30 minutes.

Please email [email protected] for further information.

Thank you for looking.

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